Around the lake

Privileged region for sportsmen and women. Water, air or ground sports.
On the beach, on the grass or on the cycling track, walkers, joggers, rollerbladers, cyclists all together.

And that’s not it!

On the water and in the water,
Waterskiing, canoe, sailing, paddling, swimming,
kite surffing, fishing and boats encounter.

In the air
Up from Talloires, (from the col de la Froclaz)
strange coloured birds are floating silently.
The paragliders are omnipresent in the sky of Annecy

On the ground
Some practice their passion for golf or tennis and at a few kilometers: hiking, rambling,
rock-climbing, via ferrata, canyoning, downhill skiing or cross-country skiing.


At Sevrier
Near the apartments

Swimming: 50 meters in the lake.
Rowing: 50 meters
Tennis, sailing, scuba diving: 1km
Hiking, rambling in the Bauges National Park: 5km
Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing (Semnoz) 20km
Horse ridding: 500 meters
Fishing 50 meters
Annecy 7km
Bells museum
Regional costume museum


At Talloires
Near the apartment

Lake Annecy beaches of Talloires:1km
Tennis, sailing, scuba diving: 1km
Hiking, rambling, 4km
Adventure park (in the trees) 5km
Golf (18 holes):1km
Downhill skiing, cross-country skiing 25km
Menthon Castle 2km