Annecy events

At every period of the year, Annecy is animated with a great number of sportive, cultural and festive events.

The Venitian Carnaval
Annecy, since long called "the Venice of the Alps", with canals running through the old town, legitimately organizes a 2 1/2 days venitian carnaval
At the end of February, or at the beginning of March, depending on the year, more than 250 "masks" slowly stroll about the streets of the old town, take the pose, and gather on podiums…

Annecy Biennial of the Spanish Cinema
Every 2 years, from March 13th to March 23rd, Annecy welcomes the Biennial of the Spanish Cinema.
One of the most important events in France that allows to discover the master pieces of the Spanish cinema.
With more than fifty films, most of them unreleased in France, the Biennale has become a famous international event welcoming the great figures of the Spanish seventh art.

Animation Film International Festival
Did you know it? Annecy is the world capital of the animation film! And it is not restricted to the traditional "cartoon" of course!
Assisting to the Festival, every year in June, is the best opportunity to understand the worldwide craze for this art. 
All nationalities gather to designate the best animation film of the year, in a large number of categories, ranging from the short to long length films.

The Noctibules
A four nights party in the middle of July, during which Annecy welcomes actors, opera singers and music-hall performers, so that all kinds of street theater can be fully represented in wonderful scenaries, on the lake shores or along the canals...

Fête du Lac (Lake festival)
On the first Saturday of August, Lake Annecy and the mountains surrounding it become the most extraordinary scenary of the biggest firework display in Europe...
80 minutes of fireworks with music, lights and special effects....
The kind of unique show to be seen at least once in a lifetime!

The Pyroconcerts of Talloires
The Pyroconcerts really are a unique genre of festival.*
Imagine an open concert-hall illuminated by prestigious pyrotechnic effects where, on a scene built on the water, artists perform an extraordinary musical show.
Every summer, the beautiful bay of Talloires becomes the scene of this magnificent alchemy.
Italian film festival
Since 1983, at the end of September and beginning of October, Annecy organizes one of the most important Italian film festivals in Europe.
It is the occasion to discover the best Italian contemporary productions.
The program of  the Festival features a competition of long length films, documentaries, and retrospectives.

Retour des Alpages (Return from the mountain pasture)
At the end of summer, the herds come back from the mountain pasture where they spent the summer… Annecy celebrates their return in the valley by organizing a festival.
The second Saturday of october, the streets of Annecy are invaded by colourful herds, craftmen, old professions representatives, folkloric groups, producers of all the local goods, who will give you the occasion to discover the savoyard traditions and the local craft industry.

Planète Mômes (the kids' planet)
Planète Mômes is the event of Lake Annecy reserved for children.
Since 2002, this event, which takes place every autumn, combines play and educational activities.
It gathers spaces reserved for games, toys, decorations, delicacies... and many other things. But Planète Mômes is above all magical discoveries through workshops, initiations and shows scheduled throughout the week-end.
In november, the Sevrier leisure complex opens its doors to the 0 to 12 years old children's laughs and marvelled eyes, and brings them into a different universe each year... in 2005: the "mini-farm", in 2006: the circus, in 2007: Africa and in 2008: China… until the next editions!
Throughout these two days, children learn while they have fun, much to the parents' delight!

Noël des Alpes (Christmas in the Alps)
Throughout December, Annecy decks itself out with christmas decorations, much to the visitors' delight: illuminations, shows for kids and adults, concerts, kindergardens, 2 Christmas markets, an ice rink, a little train to make your comings and goings easier... Everything contributes to make December become a warm and festive month.